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Watch my new video "Watch me go"

It's here!

I am so happy to announce my music video is officially available for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy it!

I really want to thank everyone at The Factory Underground Studio for supporting me on this long and winding journey, they call music! Special shoutout to Ethan for being (not only the love of my life), but always seeing the potential in my music and helping me grow so much in my songwriting and singing!

Song Credits

Written by: Karen Zimmer

Produced by: Ryan Hommel @ the Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk, CT

Mixed & Mastered by: John Shyloski

Engineered by: Tom Stewart

Karen Zimmer: Vocals

Ryan Hommel: Guitars, Bass, Piano

Bobby Hawk: Fiddle

Colin Jalbert: Drums, Percussion

Tom Stewart: Background Vocals, Bells

Video Credits

Video Directed by: Ethan Isaac & John Shyloski

Filmed by: John Shyloski

Drone footage Provided by: Aerial Vision CT

Makeup Artist: Kristina Svec


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