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Which came first?

To answer the age-old question, of which came first... in my case, it was the chickens.

That being said... we now have EGGS! Aren't they pretty?!

I am not sure I had a lot of expectations when we got our chickens, since I was totally unfamiliar with them, but I must say, they are a pretty cool pet! They are VERY excited when we get home and give them snacks ("hen party mix" is a fav!). They quickly learned to go in the automatic chicken door before it closes at night (pretty smart)! And they are each laying at least 1 egg a day! This is going to make for some really good frittatas in my future!

I'm excited to share more from this journey (and of course more music)!

K.I.T. as we used to say in school, and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Much love,



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