Watch me go

So many times, in life, we find ourselves in situations that we aren’t fond of, but we shouldn’t let others convince us that we should stay in it, if we know in our hearts it’s not right.


I hope this song inspires you to move on from the things in life that keep you down!

Song Credits

Written by: Karen Zimmer

Produced by: Ryan Hommel @ the Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk, CT

Mixed & Mastered by: John Shyloski

Engineered by: Tom Stewart

Karen Zimmer: Vocals

Ryan Hommel: Guitars, Bass, Piano

Bobby Hawk: Fiddle

Colin Jalbert: Drums, Percussion

Tom Stewart: Background Vocals, Bells


Video Credits

Video Directed by: Ethan Isaac & John Shyloski

Filmed by: John Shyloski

Drone footage Provided by: Aerial Vision CT

Makeup Artist: Kristina Svec

You Never Knew

I wrote this song on reflection of a past relationship.  I have this idea that many people can be in love... but if you don't love someone the RIGHT way, it won't work.  Not to say that person can't love someone else exactly as needed. <3

Promo Video

Some Kind of Fool,  You Never Knew, She @ the Fairfield Theatre Company, Falling - written by Karen Zimmer


If I Didn't Know Better by The Civil Wars @ FTC


Photography and Video credit to John Shyloski

Recordings done at the Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk, CT

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